Optical design consultancy based in Japan


  • Name: Akira Yabe
  • E-mail: info @ yabeopt . com

Professional History

  • March 1978 graduated from Tokyo University, Physics Department
  • April 1978 joined Fuji Photo Optical, Optical Design Department
  • August 2003 resigned Fuji Photo Optical, moved to Germany
  • Since 2004 working as an optical design consultant
  • November 2012 Special lecturer at the OSJ Optical Design Group 50th meeting
  • February 2014 Prenary speaker at the Optical Design and Fabrication 2014 "From nothing to the best solution"
  • November 2014 returned to Japan
  • July 2017 Invited speaker at the International Optical Design Conferece 2017 "My thanks to IODC lens design problems"
  • May 2018 Publication of "Optimization in lens design" from SPIE